Impmooc – Week 3 – The Channel Strip

Hi there! My name is Karyn Ellis. I am a professional songwriter / performer from Toronto, Canada. I am pretty new to hands-on music production, so for now I’m steering away from demonstrations and concentrating on the theory stuff.

This week’s mini lesson is about the Channel Strip on an analog mixing board. In the following diagram, I will show every major component of the channel strip including its usage and position in the signal flow. I will also point out a couple of places where the analog channel strip differs from one that is found in a DAW.


Image of an Analog Channel Strip



Thank for taking the time to check out my lesson. Any feedback you have would be great!

The first two weeks in the course I spent A LOT of time on my assignments, and as a result they were quite long. This week I thought I would see what happens if I kept the assignment really short and focused. Rather than “teaching” the components section by section, I laid everything out in a continuous flow in the image. Did this work for you?

I was thinking about including a second image that specifically diagrams the signal flow (using boxes and arrows.) But since the signal flow is already described in the text, I decided against it. Keeping it short and sweet!


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