Here’s a game for the word nerd in you. Randomly pluck five adjectives and five nouns from the dictionary, then rotate them through different pairs to see which combination sounds best.

I did this one just now:

Adjectives: mellow, stable, oncoming, thumping, full frontal
Nouns: bouncer, depreciation, leather, retort, smattering

  • full frontal bouncer
    mellow depreciation
    oncoming leather
    stable retort
    thumping smattering
  • thumping bouncer
    full frontal depreciation
    mellow leather
    oncoming retort
    stable smattering
  • stable bouncer
    thumping depreciation
    full frontal leather
    mellow retort
    oncoming smattering
  • oncoming bouncer
    stable depreciation
    thumping leather
    full frontal retort
    mellow smattering
  • mellow bouncer
    oncoming depreciation
    stable leather
    thumping retort
    full frontal smattering

Becomes a poem of sorts.


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2 responses to “(2) I LIKE GAMES

  1. David Flack

    Sounds neat, let me try here:
    Adjectives: cheery, addictive, ringing, cozy, spicy
    Nouns: cafe, guitar, festival,song,cabin

    cheery cabin
    ringing guitar
    spicy song
    addictive cafe
    cozy festival

    Hey, this is neat…maybe I could write my own song sometime

  2. Wow! Dare I say, those are perfect match set!

    Hmm… how about “ringing cabin”, “cozy guitar”, “addictive festival”. Oh yes, they all do work well together. Nice one, David!

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