The difference between small towns and cities… stickers!

So, I went into the Quesnel post office the other day to mail out a few packages. I’m sending out my new video to TV channels to try to get some airplay.

The woman working behind the CP counter caught sight of the address on one of the bubble-wrap envelopes: “Michelle Carpenter, CMT Music Director”.

“You don’t mind if I ask what’s in this package, do you?” she said with a slight grin.

“Um, it’s a music video I made. I’m hoping CMT will air it.”

Well, didn’t her face just break out into the biggest smile ever! She was SO excited to think that my video might get played on CMT (Country Music Television) that she pulled out a secret stash of stickers ~ you know, those totally cute ones that you put on new baby announcements with cartoon bunnies and frogs and birds hugging plump red hearts. And she stuck not one, but TWO of these cuties on the package “for luck”. How supportive is that?

I wonder what the CMT music director will think when she gets my package in the mail all dolled up in hearts and birdies. Um… let’s hope Michelle is a small town gal herself and will recognize the good luck imparted by the woman at Canada Post. Maybe she’ll add it “for the little guy”.


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3 responses to “The difference between small towns and cities… stickers!

  1. David Flack

    This story reminds me of my experiences at the General Store in Quadeville, Ontario. One time I was asking for some small piece of hardware which the store did not have, so she (the owner) walked across the road to her house to find an extra of that item that she knew she had at home. Then there was the General Store in Rockingham where they told me to knock on their door, if I was out of gas for my car, no matter what time of day or night.

    • I love your story, David! Although there are lots of people/things I love in/about the city, it seems that the inherently busy busy pace makes it difficult sometimes to find the gumption to “walk across the street” and find that piece of hardware. I’m certainly enjoying the slower pace of country living at this point in my life!

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