When Buses Go Bad

When Buses Go Bad by Karyn Ellis
When Buses Go Bad, a photo by Karyn Ellis on Flickr.

Grrrrr… Not sure why, but I feel grumbly today. I took this photo awhile back and have been meaning to post it for ages. I didn’t take this one for artistic purpose but to document an unfortunate situation.

Here’s what happened:

Along with a storage trunk full of clothes, I had two boxes of my CDs shipped by Greyhound from Toronto to Quesnel when I moved out here. The box(es) had obviously been dropped, ripped open… the contents – my CDs – haphazardly shoved back into the box and resealed. Then delivered without comment or explanation from Greyhound. I lodged a complaint, but have yet to receive a response (or compensation) from them (this was months ago.) I lost about 250 CD covers due to scratches and other damage… no small amount for an independent musician.


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