Social Media and the Theory of Everything (Wk 4)

In the spirit of this week’s blogging challenge task – Week 4: looking at social media – I’m gonna (try to) keep it short.

The scientist in me wants to know why there is such a discrepancy between ways time passes when you are online. Note the difference between:

(A) The length of time you have to wait between posting a status update on your Facebook and the moment you receive your first reply. Those few minutes can stretch out to foreeeeever! (If you’re looking to bend your brain, check out the article on “Event Horizons” on Wikipedia. Warning: Geek Alert!)

Similarly, why does it take so long for someone to respond to that important email? (Don’t they know it’s urgent… URGENT! In my world, that is.)

(B) On the other hand, how come time flies so quickly when it comes to writing that new blog entry? Where did that eight hours go since you sat down to type out a few lines?

Let’s Do The Time Warp!

Photo collage of Einstein doing the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show

One of Einstein's lesser known equations: (L+R)(H+K) = TW
(A jump to the left + A step to the right) (hands on your hips + knees pulled in tight) = time warp.


Photo from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Time Warp Dance

Scientists are busy working on developing a single equation that can tie together and fully explains all known physical phenomena. So tell me, wouldn’t that be helpful when trying to balance my million online social media sites? Soundcloud, sites that let you “sign in with your facebook account” and organizational apps like Hootsuite and Bufferapp suggest that computer programmers are on the same hunt for the perfect “Theory of Everything”. Though they are still faced with the issue of dark matter to deal with (anyone using Myspace these days?)

Funnily enough, this week actually found me spending more time offline playing guitar and recording demos than in the previous three weeks combined. Ironic, since the task was all about social media, which as you know happens entirely online.

But as Einstein (probably) said: you gotta take time to dance if you want to have something to share with your tweeps and facebook friends.

Next week: “The Musician’s Guide To Youtube”.
Look for my next blog update Monday February 13th.

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16 responses to “Social Media and the Theory of Everything (Wk 4)

  1. David Flack

    I like the timewarp equation. I think, for me, facebook and twitter are just like another “window” in the house. You look outside many times during the day, and likewise into your social media. It’s like a cafe that you can drop in and out of at anytime. However, for a lot people it’s like their letter mailbox (check it once a day) or the oil in their car (check it once every 3 months).

  2. “or the oil in their car (check it once every 3 months)” – Tee hee. Made me laugh.

  3. While the article on Event Horizons may bend your brain. It’s the pelvic thrusts that will drive you insa-y-a-y-ane.

    The theme of all the challenge blog posts this week seems to be “How do I deal with all this stuff? Where do I find the time?”

    I’m not sure even Einstein would be able to help with these questions.

  4. Well! I am all over anything that says “geek alert”, and I found that the Event Horizons article put everything nicely into perspective. I love the disclaimer on the Killing Horizons section. It was also a nice diversion whilst I procrastinate on posting my own Week 4 Blog– Thank You Very Much!

  5. Your blog is awesome! I always learn SO MUCH!!! And have fun doing it! :D

    • Glad to hear that, Kat! I figure that – thanks to gravity wells and relativity and temporal paradoxes and such – there is always timespace for a little more science nerdiness in the blogosphere.

  6. I’m going to be singing that song all day now thanks to you….. It’s just a jump to the left….and then a step to the right….. :D

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