And That, Folks, Is A Wrap! (Wk 9)

[Sorry for the delay getting this out today. It appears that today is the culmination of my week-long battle with technology… I’ll spare you all the borey details… but today’s woes started first as a power outage in my home office. Then, after hopping in the car to drive to the nearest town (I live in the country, doncha know) I have been subjected to the most excruciatingly slow wireless here in this coffee shop. Three out of every four saves I get the “Problem Loading Page” message. Once (if???) I get this blog out, I may have to revisit my “Poor Poor Baby” post from week 7. Woooooaahh!]

Ahem… happy thoughts!

Today is the last day of the “Music Success in Nine Weeks” blogging challenge. If you’ve been following my posts then you know that on January 9th 2012, I joined sixty other singer-songwriters across Canada on a week-by-week adventure in learning how to use the various social media platforms to promote our music. We have been using Ariel Hyatt’s book as our guidepost. [Ed. note: if you’re new to my blog, catch up with my weekly posts by following the links at the end of this article.]

We started in the deep of winter, and we are ending the day after clocks spring forward. How’s that for metaphor? Judging by recent comments on the facebook group set up for the challenge, my fellow bloggers and I *do* seem to have a little more bounce to our step, more joie to our vivre.

Those blue squiggly lines are artistic renditions of my footprints. See how they bounce?

Well. Okay. So I didn’t manage to squeeze in that gig at Massey Hall, but I did start a new project on youtube called my “Homemade Music Video Project.” [Read more about that in my Week 5 post.] I also did some preliminary work on the launch of my “Fundraise The Roof” campaign for my next album. (In fact, this past week I received my very first contribution from someone in Medicine Hat, and the campaign hasn’t even officially started yet. Woo!) My blog readership is up, and most importantly, I am writing again. And making videos and practicing music and generally feeling re-inspired and re-engaged with my work.

This challenge has reminded me that success is not so much a destination as a process. Goals are important, yes, but it’s the steps in between… the daily habits where life really happens. That has been the biggest take away from engaging in this blogging challenge. Simpy put: the doing is in the doing!

Speaking of doing, here’s an exceptionally quick summary of week 9 …

The Real World

Our task took us offline to look at our marketing efforts when networking face-to-face, to review whether our press kits are working for us and to analyze what makes a good publicist. While there were no shocking revelations for me, this week reiterated a second key point that has popped up again and again throughout the challenge: relationships are key in the music biz.


Personally I think it is fine to use your fish fork to eat cheesecake, but for heavens sake… when you’re in a conversation show some interest in the person you are talking with! Be curious, ask questions and listen to the answers. It’s not what the other person can do for you, but how you both can connect and support each other. Cultivate a genuine interest in other human beings, and you will find they want to connect back. Actually, I would suggest this is positive behaviour for life in general!

Okay then. That folks is a wrap. Thanks for sticking with me, dear reader, over the past two and a bit months while I have fulfilled my new year’s resolution with this Nine Week Blogging Challenge. I hope the process been as illuminating for you as it has been for me as I have reflected on various issues that come up when putting music out into the world.

But waaaaaaaait…

I’m not done yet! Although Ariel’s blogging challenge is officially over, I will continue to post every Monday – and maybe even twice a week – writing about whatever topic catches my fancy and/or comes from your suggestions. Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see covered on this blog related to songwriting, performing, politics, the weather… (okay, maybe less so about the politics. But I’m willing to throw my opinion in the ring if the topic should come up.) Meanwhile this Wednesday March 14th look for the interview I did earlier this week with singer-songwriter and friend of mine, Andrea Ramolo.

Till then, enjoy the longer days!

Next week: Flying Solo!
Look for my next blog update Monday March 19th.

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10 responses to “And That, Folks, Is A Wrap! (Wk 9)

  1. Glad you are re-inspired. You are a great writer and artist. I am glad I got to experience a little bit of who you are. I wish we were closer. Beautiful song you did for Degrassi as well! Congrast!

  2. Like I said once before -you’re rather brilliant!. O yeah- There’s this great new app that is compatible with virtually every system –sleep. Try it when you’ve got an extra minute or two.

  3. Good job getting to the end of the challenge!

    I’m excited to see what blogs are coming in the future (even if there at some about politics).

  4. Hi Karyn! I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again… I just love visiting your colourful blogs!! So glad you got the last one up! Wow! What a way to make your pulse race~! Thank you for being so inspiring and humorous during these past nine weeks! I look forward to our continuing connection!

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