Attention all Cowhands! Shooting Star is posted.

Yes, folks. That’s right! The latest addition to my Homemade Music Video Project (number four) is up on my youtube channel.

If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall earlier this spring I invited fans ‘n friends to send in video footage inspired by my tune, Shooting Star. In fact, you may be one of the people who sent stuff in. Hurray! Over twenty people were involved in creating the shiny, awesome footage you see in the finished video, which I edited together to become the latest addition to the Homemade Music Video Project.

There are horses, dancing, shooting stars, cowhands, cowbells… even a cardboard trombone! Enjoy! I for one felt many moments of teary glee throughout the editing process. Huge thanks goes out to the following shooting stars: Tania A, Laurie, Washboard Hank, Diane, Oscar, Bella, Talya, Joanna, Gautam, Guido T, Conny, David, Leslie, Tania S, Shannon, Andy, Kat, Jay, Ken, Guido O and Sonia!

And now, I present: Shooting Star: Homemade Music Video Project #4


Here are a couple of earlier blog posts about the making of Shooting Star:

Here are the Shooting Stars! [Photo Gallery]
I Want You To Be My Shooting Star. (Call for submissions.)

You can also read more about the Homemade Music Video Project here.

And why not Subscribe to my Youtube channel while you’re at it!


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4 responses to “Attention all Cowhands! Shooting Star is posted.

  1. Karyn, I love it! Ponies…aw! And your song has such a great, identifiably Canadian phrasing and feel to it. Wonderful.

  2. Sweet sweet video, Karyn!! Congrats!!

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