In The Studio: “More Than A Hero” Recording Sessions [photos]

In between takes.

Some snapshots from recent recording sessions for the new album! Photo credits go out to Evalyn Parry, who took all but one of the photos in the first five rows above, as well as some of the other ones throughout the gallery; and Mike Bourgeault, who added the choir shot! Click on any of the thumbnails below to pop open a carousel viewing gallery.


You’ll meet the band: Brian Kobayakawa (bass), Champagne James Robertson (electric guitar and banjitar ~ which is as it sounds: combination banjo and guitar) and Gary Craig (drums). Special guests Kerri Ough (backup vocals) and Bryden Baird (flugel horn). The lovely Don Kerr helming the console (producer / engineer, as well as handclaps, percussion and some backup vocals) and of course yours truly (singin’). Aren’t we a fabulous crew?

Hoping these photos capture for you the DYI / creative vibe of the studio. You’ll see Don putting the finishing touches on the isolation booth made from velvet curtains and old doors screwed into to the plywood ceiling and stuffed with sound foam around the cracks. The clutter box makes an appearance as do the superstar shades and the oddly named Yackie Ball.

The Echoplex and eight-track player may or may not show up in a final mix of the album, but I add them here for posterity since Don and I spent an afternoon one day noodling with acoustic sounds in an effort to come up with a loop for one of the tunes.

Oh, and David Hasselhoff pops by for a visit as well.

If you’d like to find out more about the project, including how to get involved as a backer of the album (pre-orders and more!), please visit:


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