7 weeks (49 poems in 49 days) – Day 1


Blue glowing taxi cab driver GPS lights up the
Interior sending silhouettes out into the night.
On the side streets of the city where the motion is
Humming, sounds of cars and streetcars and motorbikes
An ambulance and a firetruck tag race pass by.
Sirens call flash lights of superheroes and
Rattle of twigs start up on the neighbour’s eavestrough,
I can step inside at anytime

To where it is warm into a hallway overflowing
With winter boots and cowboy boots and
Dancing shoes and daytime shoes and slip ons, slippers and spring in our step
Into the rustling of bedsheets and gentle sighs the sounds of
Sleeping beauties upstairs, I do not live alone.
This belly full of spicy tuna and bites of leftover apple pie
Two glasses of red wine and a tumbler full of water.

The rattling of the eavestrough
Grows into a plop-plopping on the ground
Giant drops of spring rain and distinct circles
Leave their silhouettes on the pavement.
It is raining, it is cold and

I am under shelter.
I am thankful for the stillness of a place called home.

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