7 weeks (49 poems in 49 days) – Day 2


When a baby is born
Before their eyes open
Before their necks are strong enough to support their heads.
Before they separate their fingers, when they wave only fists.
When their mouths are agape
In tiny red circles and giant gummy cries
They wail relentlessly
For food, for warmth
For sleep and to be dry.

Babies do not give thanks
Babies take nourishment.
Babies do not give thanks
Babies take comfort.
This is biological, an imperative
Survival of the species
That we be loved until we can feed ourselves.

We grow into our gratitude
We grow into our red blood cells
Our eyes grow open to the existence of others.
We grow into our relations
And we grow heavy, like fruit.
That is why we fall in love.
That is why we baby talk our lovers.
That we be nourished, that we be comforted.
For this we give thanks.


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