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Attention all Cowhands! Shooting Star is posted.

Yes, folks. That’s right! The latest addition to my Homemade Music Video Project (number four) is up on my youtube channel.

If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall earlier this spring I invited fans ‘n friends to send in video footage inspired by my tune, Shooting Star. In fact, you may be one of the people who sent stuff in. Hurray! Over twenty people were involved in creating the shiny, awesome footage you see in the finished video, which I edited together to become the latest addition to the Homemade Music Video Project.

There are horses, dancing, shooting stars, cowhands, cowbells… even a cardboard trombone! Enjoy! I for one felt many moments of teary glee throughout the editing process. Huge thanks goes out to the following shooting stars: Tania A, Laurie, Washboard Hank, Diane, Oscar, Bella, Talya, Joanna, Gautam, Guido T, Conny, David, Leslie, Tania S, Shannon, Andy, Kat, Jay, Ken, Guido O and Sonia!

And now, I present: Shooting Star: Homemade Music Video Project #4


Here are a couple of earlier blog posts about the making of Shooting Star:

Here are the Shooting Stars! [Photo Gallery]
I Want You To Be My Shooting Star. (Call for submissions.)

You can also read more about the Homemade Music Video Project here.

And why not Subscribe to my Youtube channel while you’re at it!


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“Uh oh!” [Video]

Link to youtube video of Cymbal Playing Monkey on Taloola's Cash Register

My heart leapt a little (okay… a LOT!) when I saw this cymbal playing monkey on the cash register at Taloola’s Cafe in Windsor Ontario. With the exception of a tap-dancing miniature pony, could this be any better a fit with Shooting Star?

Brian took this short video before our show last Friday night. For the rest of the tour every time one of us smiled or cracked a giggle, the other would turn and ask “Monkey?”. You can bet that was the reason why… resulting in several shuddering, guffaw meltdowns. (Speaking of meltdown: did I mention we were touring around Ontario in a non-AC Honda Civic during this huge heatwave?! Yes folks, some looooopiness occurred.)

I seriously contemplated going back the next day and offering the cafe $100 if I could please PLEASE keep this monkey! (Taloola folks, if you’re reading this… well, um… just saying!! ;-) )

PS, Monkey was fine in the end. Had a dislocated shoulder that, I was told, happens from time to time.

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Here are the Shooting Stars! [Photo Gallery]

Yesterday the last DVD arrived with footage on it for the Shooting Star video. Okay, I can tell you right now this is will be AWESOME FUN editing together the stuff that came in. The creativity and sense of wacky is GORGEOUS! Since it is probably going to be a few of weeks before I have a chance to finish the video, let me share with you readers some snap and screen shots from the submissions. A little taste of why I am so excited about this project! :)

Starting with… David F. from Thorold and his crew from Lake St.Peter (Ontario), who were the very first folks to send in footage.

Turn on your images to see: David, Andy and Leslie Cowpokin' in Lake St. Peter, Ontario

David, Andy and Leslie Cowpokin’ in Lake St. Peter, Ontario

Not only that, but I found this familiar face included in the files David sent me. Washboard Hank heard about my project through David I presume? – here he is… wearing full bells ‘n whistles!

Turn on your images to see a photo of The one and only Washboard Hank winding up.

The one and only Washboard Hank winding up!

Turn on your images to see another photo of Washboard Hank and his (cow) bells and whistles.

…to play his (cow) bells and whistles.

Next came footage from Guido T. & Conny S. This may have been the furthest footage traveled to get here – all the way from Dusseldorf, Germany! (Later, you’ll see a submission from Solingen, Germany too. I’ll have to double check the distance in google maps.) Here is an example of horse power not only under the hood, but behind the wheel too.

Turn on your images to see: Pony On The Autobahn (With Fuzzy Dice)

Pony On The Autobahn (With Fuzzy Dice)

A few days later, I received a memory stick full of footage from Toronto. Tania, Diane, Oscar, Shannon, Bella and Ken scripted several colourful scenes… an entire song’s worth… filmed them in a park in their “one-horse-town”. The memory stick included on-the-set photos too. Here are a bunch, starting with some shots of fabulous artwork by Oscar.

Turn on your images to see this drawing of a Sky Full of Stars!

Sky Full of Stars! (by Oscar Sza)

Turn on your images to see the drawing: Blazing Trail of Star

Blazing Trail of Star! (by Oscar Sza)

Turn on your images to see Chalk Drawing

Chalk Drawing (also by Oscar!)

Here is the whole gang (minus Tania, who is behind the camera.)

Turn on your images to see Parade in the Park

Parade in the Park!

Some close ups of the feature actors:

Turn on your images to see: Giddy Up Horsie Ride

Giddy Up Horsie Ride ~ Shannon & Bella

Turn on your images to see: With that awesome hat, Ken could also be called Oblio :)

Ken! (who with that awesome hat could also be called Oblio :))

Turn on your images to see Diane On The Set of The "One Horse Town"

Diane On The Set

Then I received this lovely postcard in the (e)mail, It’s from Guido O in Solingen, Germany…

Turn on your images to see: This was taken last November when I played there at Tom Bombadil's in Solingen

This was taken last November when I played there at Tom Bombadil’s in Solingen.

Next, Kat Leonard sent me some fabulous footage of her dancing around the stage one afternoon (By the way, Kat & I were co-participants in the blogging challenge I did this winter!). Here are a couple of screenshots:

Turn on your images to see: Kat Dance #1

Kat Dance #1

Turn on your images to see: Kat Dance #2

Kat Dance #2

Then Tania A. sent me some cool abstract footage of stars being lit up by a spot light and also a short clip of a pinwheel spinning. Here are some still captures of the shining stars:

Turn on your images to see: Tania's Glowing Star #1

Tania’s Glowing Star #1

Turn on your images to see: Tania's Glowing Star #2

Tania’s Glowing Star #1

A few days ago I received the penultimate submission from Laurie in Lilloet. That’s right folks, we’re home on the ranging with a bonafide cowgal and horse. [And yippee-yi-yeee, I used penultimate (meaning: second-to-last) in a sentence!]

Turn on your images to see: Laurie and her horse

Laurie and her horse

Turn on your images to see: It's to the range she's bound!

It’s to the range she’s bound!

Turn on your images to see: Beauty!


Yesterday I received the last submission. A delightful scene in which Jay F. dances around in his hallway. He also included this still photo on the DVD:

Turn on your images to see: Jay Showing Us The Words To Shooting Star

Jay Showing Us The Words To Shooting Star!


UPDATE: July 2012
Luckily for me, I’m a dawdler. I still hadn’t edited the video by the time I started my tour of southern Ontario this summer, so I was able to receive one last submission. After a fine and fun House Concert in London Ontario, I was talking with my host – Joanna – about the video project. She showed me the amazing, sparkly footage of her daughter, Talya, dancing with an aunt at a wedding. I asked if I could include it in the Shooting Star video, and she said yes! :-)

Screenshot from the HMVP Shooting Star video featuring Talya and her Sonia Aunty

Screenshot from the final video ~ Talya and her Sonia Aunty!


And there you have it! Horses, dancing, shooting stars cows and cowbells. Sheer awesomeness. Thanks again, I am so thrilled with what was sent in! And I can’t WAIT to see how it looks once everything is edited together.

So give me a few weeks here… I am thinking of editing the video while I’m on the train traveling across Canada in early June. [Aside: Once again I am taking part in VIA’s OnBoard Musician Program playing music on board in exchange for passage. Pretty sweet deal! When I’m not playing shows, eating or staring out the window at the prairies, I’ll let the rhythm of the wheels on the track evoke the gait of a horse. Hopefully inspiring some good creative editing.]

Okay. Give me a few weeks to post then. Till then… Wishin’ you far! :)


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And, so, um…

Ever had one of those days when you just don’t know what to say…?


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I Want You To Be My Shooting Star

You still got time to show us yer cowboy!!!

Speaking of videos…. you may recall the idea for my Homemade Music Video Project is that I want to make videos for every song I’ve ever recorded / will record! (As many as I can, anyways!!) I’ve finished three, and now I’m thinking about what to do next…

Image of Running Horses

Grab your video cam / camera phone / iPhone or whatever way you have of creating moving pictures… and I want you to film yourself singing along with my tune “Shooting Star”. You can be as simple or as extravagant as you like! Costumes are great! Miniature ponies… well, you know how I feel about those. YES!

Then send your footage to me by May 1st! Once I’ve collected enough material, I will edit it together to make the coolest video ever!!!

You can either send the footage to me via dropbox by sending me an email to Or, you can stick the files on a DVD and mail it to:

Karyn Ellis
4025 Barkerville Highway
Quesnel BC V2J 6T8

(Let me know by email if you’re sending it to me this way so that I know to look for it!)

***Important Note***, before submitting be sure to click here to read and indicate you agree with the TERMS OF USE! (to make sure we’re on the same page about how I’m going to use your footage.)

A Couple of Tips:

  1. Your footage doesn’t have to be super pro or anything, but do try to make it the highest resolution you possibly can.
  2. Remember to use the sun or set up lamps so that we can see your lovely face!
  3. If you’re going to sing the song in your shot, play the tune while you’re filming and sing along to the track… that way your mouth movements will line up during editing!
  4. Don’t be afraid to move the camera closer to you.
  5. Be silly. Be serious. Dress up! Or just be yourself.
  6. Save the footage as .mov or .mpeg (or any file type that final cut pro x can deal with is groovy.) If you need help figuring out how to transfer files, you can try this page: Importing personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer (apple support) (I’m not much of a tech wizard myself, so if that doesn’t work, best to ask a buddy.)
  7. Speaking of photos, you can send a bunch of those too!
    • Dressing up like Kareoke Cowboys and singing along with the tune
    • Animated sequences
    • Singing puppets
    • Lasso-ing and juggling acts
    • Panning across a sunset landscape
    • Sitting in your kitchen drinking coffee
    • Sitting in your kitchen playing guitar
    • Group sing-a-longs (especially in the “you’re just what I needed” part)
    • Recreate the Ed Sullivan Show
    • Miniature ponies!

Click here for lyrics and a downloadable version of the song (feel free to set the price to 0.00 for a complimentary download.)

The more footage the merrier, so please share this call with your friends. Don’t feel like you have to send in tons of footage… even five seconds would be great! But please try to limit your submission to five minutes (one, maybe two passes of the song). It’s just me editing this stuff, and I want to have enough time to watch and pick from everyone’s submissions.

Oh my goodness. Typing this out, I’m getting more and more excited by the idea. My dear friends, get filming!!!! How cool is this going to be?

XO Karyn

PS, Having never tried anything like this before I anticipate there will be some interesting technical glitches along the way. Let’s help each other out as we figure our way through. It’s going to be tremendous.

PPS, Did you read and agree to the terms of use yet? Remember: Before I can use your footage, you need to CLICK HERE to read and indicate you agree to THE TERMS OF USE!


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