Agreement Re: Use of Footage in Karyn Ellis’ video, Shooting Star.

Before you send your footage to me, please read and agree to this little bit of legalese regarding its use in the video. Basically, what I’m saying is that by submitting your footage to me, you are allowing me to use the footage without compensation or restriction for broadcast and distribution. It is to make sure you have the rights to share what you are sending me (ie: you promise the footage is not swiped from, say, a Katy Perry video or a recent episode of Survivor); that you are are completely cool with your footage appearing in my video; and that you know the video will be made available to the public. Also, that you realize there is no money or ownership for you in this little indie project! :-)

Dated: Wednesday April 4th, 2012

You = Person submitting the footage.
I / me / my = Karyn Ellis

By submitting your footage to Karyn Ellis for my video project, Shooting Star, you agree to the following:

You warrant that you have full copyright for the footage you are submitting. You have permission from everyone who appears in the footage for their image to be used in the video.

You agree that sending me the footage does not guarantee that I will include any or all of it in the project (though I will try my best!) Similarly, I retain the right to refuse to use any footage for any reason (ie: you inadvertently sent me footage from a Katy Perry video or Survivor.)

You agree you will receive no financial compensation for use of the footage now or at any time in the future. There will be no cue sheets / royalties owing for this project. You also agree there is no requirement of written credit anywhere for use of your footage (though I hope to put up a thank you page on my website at some point once the video is finished.)

You agree to let me adapt the footage to the purposes of the video, including adding effects (ie: film grain, slowing or speeding it up, colourizing… etc).

You agree to let me use the footage (within the context of the video) without restriction. Use is forever granted in perpetuity and world-wide without royalties or payment owing.

You grant me permission to include the resulting video in any collections of my work (ie: a DVD of my music videos) for promotional use and/or for sale without any further compensation.

Use of the footage you submit does in no way constitute a partnership between you and me. You are providing the footage for the Shooting Star video with no further obligations from either party.

Phew! And that, my friends, is the legalese. I’m glad you did not run away shrieking! As I mentioned the purpose of this agreement is simply so that you and I are both clear on how the footage will be used. If it all sounds good to you, and you would like to submit… please indicate that you agree with the above by leaving a comment below with the following information:

[Your name], [your email address] and the words “I agree!”

Alternately, you can copy and paste this entire agreement into an email and send it to me with the words “I agree!”:

Thanks! Your generosity is very much appreciated!!! ~ Karyn

Now send me that footage!!

Via Dropbox, yousendit
or you can send a DVD of the files to:

Karyn Ellis
4025 Barkerville Highway
Quesnel BC V2J 6T8

(Be sure to hang on to a copy for yourself, at least until you have confirmed I have received it and am able to open the files!)


5 responses to “Agreement Re: Use of Footage in Karyn Ellis’ video, Shooting Star.

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  2. Jay Flint

    I have read the agreement and agree to it’s terms.

  3. Laurie McEwen

    yes, I agree! Yes, I have read the agreement and agree to it’s terms.

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